Dressage and terrain riding two pillars of equestrianism

 Dressur und Gelände Kopie


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To explain the functionality of your La Selle saddle we want to compare saddles and shoes. All of us own a variety of different shoes. They are distinguished by colour, form and looks, but most importantly they have different purposes.

There is a pair of shoes to be worn at the office, looking good at work – comparable with a dressage saddle. There may also be a pair of hiking boots, suitable for mountain treks – comparable to a trekking saddle. The pair of flip flops may be used to leave shortly and without a big fuss – like a riding pad.

And you probably have a favourite pair. Shoes you’d like to wear at any time and occasion. They fit perfectly, look good and you feel simply comfortable and at ease while wearing them – comparable to your La Selle saddle!

Our leather tree is made to allow a precise communication between horse and rider. Therefore it’s perfect for dressage. The comfortable feeling for horse and rider, makes it suitable for leisure time riding as well, and will complete your natural riding experience.

We’d be happy to send you a La Selle test saddle free of charge! You can test that saddle five days and decide if the La Selle feeling is right for you and your horse. Afterwardswe judge the fit of the test saddle, with the pictures according to our precise photo instructions, and discuss changes and individualization of your personal La Selle saddle!


Our distribution partners help you to evaluate your horses’ back and the fit of your test saddle. Within the first three months after you’ve purchased a new La Selle saddle we do necessary changes free of charge. Your saddle has to fit the horse perfectly!