La Selle saddle manufacture

Sattelmodelle unten

Leather tree saddles are our passion!

The La Selle saddles have been developed for years – in the beginning especially the La Selle Epona – for the academical art of riding. A La Selle saddle has the unique capacity to transfer all of the horses’ movements to the rider. That way you can feel the horses’ back activity, analyze and influence it, while sitting relaxed. In other words: You experience movement!

The La Selle leather tree allows your horse to move free and natural under the saddle. It perfectly adapts to the bending of the longitudinal axis, diagonal movements of the back and the lifting of the back. The La Selle saddle fits horse and rider like a glove, conveying every movement between them. Despite its flexibility the La Selle saddle supports the riders’ seat and guarantees optimal weight distribution on the horses’ back. In that way even piaffe and passage become lessons to be done at ease, for you and your horse.


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