New! Felt saddle Premium from La Selle

Feltsaddle from La Selle

Refine your driving experience!

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Special highlights are the three-dimensional adjustability of the fit through a variable, comfortable seat cushion setting, exchangeable cushions and an adjustable cushion channel width. A variable seat for pelvic and hip relief and the adjustable stirrup suspension as well as an optional thigh roll for driving off-road make our felt saddle a premium model with a further refined driving experience for all horse types.

With this felt saddle Premium from La Selle you have many options to adapt your saddle to your own needs and those of your horse.

Our wool felt made of sheep's wool is particularly comfortable for horse and rider, as it is breathable and elastic and wonderfully insulates against heat and cold. Thanks to the production from a naturally grown raw material, the La Selle felt saddle Premium is also environmentally friendly. The approx. 10 mm thick, resistant felt is made even more robust by a cowhide edge and the additional leather applications give it an elegant design.

Since our La Selle felt saddle Premium is equipped with a flexible pad and does not contain iron, it can easily be used with different types of horses.

A La Selle Mond saddle girth is recommended to ensure the correct fit. Further accessories such as the "light" mono stirrup leather from La Selle or a matching saddle pad can also be found in our range.

Felt Saddle Premium – Set

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1: Large foam pillow for cushions to adjust the seating area

2: Inlays in 1 + 2 cm for the front seat area to adjust the Sitting position

3: three foam rubber inserts - front, center and rear for precise adjustment the balance and height at the withers

Nr. 1: Large foam pillow

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The lightly padded suede seat - by the way also optionally available in smooth leather - is very comfortable and enables the rider to transfer the rider's aids very calmly and precisely. The rider has a slightly elevated seating position, which also has a positive effect on the horse's back falling. With the additional foam cushion in the seating area, you can also create even more comfort and increase your seating position.

Nr. 2: Inlays for the front seating area

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The inserts for the front seating area are made of foam that you can use to lift the seat. So you can adapt your seatto your needs. The set contains a 1 cm and a 2 cm thick insert. You can open the front part of the seat and place the insert over the stirrup hanger.

Nr. 3: Three foam rubber inserts for the pillow

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You will find the foam rubber inserts that you can adapt flexibly to the horse and create freedom at the withers if necessary. The three insoles help to balance the anatomical features of your horse.

Nr. 4: Variable stirrup suspension

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The flexibly adjustable stirrup suspension enables the support of the stirrup step and offers the driver more safety in the cross-country. The suspension is protected by the thick felt and also by the pillow cutout so that it cannot press against the horse.

Nr. 5: Baroque saddle pad with Velcro

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The wide, baroque Velcro saddle pads of our premium felt saddle ensure very good pressure distribution and freedom from the spine. The position of the cushions can be adjusted individually, e.g. to give strong horses even more freedom of the spine. It is possible to choose between cushions for normally built horses and cushions for wider horses.

The pillows can also be covered with wool for correction.

Nr. 6: Optional: Thigh roll

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Two roles can be added at the customer's request. These offer support for spirited horses or in the cross- country.

These are not included in the set.

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