The leathertree saddle the unique connection between rider and horse



The La Selle leathertree the heart of your saddle

The combination of flexibility and weight distribution is a singular characteristic of our saddle tree. Its’ special, multilayer structure of well-chosen leathers and thought out stitching create the unique combination of solidity and flexibility. Our saddle tree was tested during many years of continuous use! Gullet and Cap plate are forged and embedded into the leathertree. We guarantee the use of high-quality materials only, and treatment through skilled craftsmen. The anatomical shaping was specially developed for our La Selle leathertree! Short points at front and back, and a broad midsection provide a wide contact area. The leathertree optimises your horses’ ability to move under saddle! Layered structure and specific reinforcement by gullet and cap plate make certain areas stable, while others stay resonant. This the saddle seats you secure and calm, and at the same time enables you to react to your horses’ movements and increase its’ suppleness. We are especially proud to report, that none of our La Selle saddletrees ever got deformed or damaged. Usage of best materials, craftsmanship and strict quality control pay off to our customers’ advantage! Adaptability plays a big role in the construction of our saddletree. As changes of training routine, feeding and health can impact a horses’ muscles, to a point where the saddle needs to be refitted. The La Selle leathertree stays adjustable, so it can change, as your horse does!


Advantages of the leathertree saddle

sattelbaumzeichnung1. Cut-back pommel

2. The Stirrup-bars are supported by curved the gullet bar

3. The second balancing girth strap, lies diagonally on the tree and ensures a steady saddle position.

4. The cap bar is adjustable

5. The first 3,2cm of the saddle tree are semi-flexible. This allows the saddle to lie in a secure, yet dynamic position.

6. Frontal points are curved back, to allow for an unhindered rotation of the shoulders.

7. The saddle tree is thinned towards the sides, enabling a close contact between riders leg and horse.

8. The points at the rear are curved forward and fully flexible. This gives the horse the ability for lateral movements, without disturbing its’ biomechanics.


Additional tree reinforcement


The advantage of our saddles with leathertree, the direct transfer of minimal weight aids, can cause an overreaction if used by an inexperienced rider. As soon as horse and rider get more skilled and become a ‘unit’ , the direct communication becomes indispensable.

For inexperienced or untrained riders we therefor recommend our additional tree reinforcement.

The additional reinforcement should also be considered by riders, who want to ride long distances. By adding a reinforcement to the tree, the weight distribution gets more even along the whole bearing face of the horse back. If any time the rider decides to shift her focus onto dressage work, the additional reinforcement can be removed at our saddlery.

Beginners can also profit of the additional tree reinforcement. Due to the even weight distribution, the rider can get a feel for the horse, without disturbing it too much by initial insecurities.

Riders with a bit more weight, can protect the horse back from strain, without losing the close contact and natural fine communication to the horse.

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