Test riding properly...

... and trying the saddle in all circumstances. This is only possible with La Selle. Would you like to test the singular feeling of riding in an Epona? No problem. Just give us a call or email us. We will then set up an appointment for your test ride.

The right saddle fitting

This is not about judging the horse’s conformation for medical or breeding reasons but rather about evaluating the parts of the horse that are crucial for fitting a saddle. Those parts are the shoulders, withers, back and rib cage.

Avoiding back problems in the horse

Changes in your horse often don’t appear suddenly but rather gradually, making it hard for you as the horse owner to spot the problem in time. It is therefore a major advantage that all people dealing with horses will not shut their eyes or mouths when they see the first signs of troubles.

Saddle problems

Saddles that slip are a common problem in horse riding. On the standing horse, everything is alright but in riding, the saddle slips forward. Many riders and experts are then at loss as there are several minor factors that cause the saddle to slip.

Back tightness in the horse

Muscle tightness plays a key role when it comes to problems in the equine locomotor system. At least, those tensions have a huge impact because they can result in a vicious circle, leading to recurrent blockades, injuries or chronic diseases.

The right training with the cavesson

The cavesson is mainly used for lunging and in ground work. It dates back to the time between the 16th and the 18th century, the cradle of classical dressage.

The right saddle area

The saddle area is the part of the horse’s back on which the saddle is placed for riding. This area starts behind the shoulders and ends with the 18th thoracic vertebra. Only a rider sitting in this position can influence the horse well and doesn’t restrict its movements. It is as simple as that.

The right saddle storage

In general, the place where you keep your tack should be easy to access. There is nothing more annoying than when you have to squeeze through the tack room to get your saddle from the back end. It is also advisable to store your tack near the grooming area to save energy and time.

The right saddle girth

The saddle girth significantly affects the saddle position, so it's important to use the girth right!

Riding better with a La Selle saddle

The seat of the La Selle saddle allows you to find a balanced and natural seat. Many conventional saddles force the rider into a predetermined seating position. This may cause the rider to feel uneasy in the saddle or the horse to be restricted in its movement.

The saddle fit

What are the seven seals of fitting a saddle? – One of them is definitely an optimal saddle support area on the horse. But what determines a well-fitting saddle?