Anna Heise on the La Selle Felt Saddle Premium

I wanted to find out whether the felt saddle could be an alternative to the pads I am familiar with and to what extent it has the pluses and minuses of other saddle alternatives: I was very enthusiastic about the Premium felt saddle. He lets sitting aids through wonderfully, you can feel the horse's movement almost as differentiated as without a saddle. The horse's spine is very free due to the stable padding (I had the variant for normal height at the withers for my Lusitano). It allows the rider to sit very narrow (a boon for less flexible hips) and has (adjustable) stirrup attachments, which makes it a little easier for insecure riders. A really great tool for seat training.
The felt saddle looks very high quality, the workmanship is great. Absolutely recommendable, is one of the best saddle alternatives that I have been able to try so far!

Kind regards. Anna Heise