Thomas Reichmuth, near Flensburg

Hello La Selle team, hello Ms. Linke, this summer was almost like a gift for my horse Merlin and me! At first I thought: "I'm on an old homepage from Marc and Eike". And then it was a pleasure that La Selle is back. Nice that one of the saddles and La Selle has taken on. So I called La Selle and a fitting tour to the north was planned, so it happened that in July 16 I was already sitting on an Epona. Thanks to Ms. Linke we had the right saddle right away and that was a feeling...!! Now, after three months, I'm really happy that I chose La Selle and the Epona. It's a whole new riding experience! In short: A great saddle, great service and a whole new great riding feeling! Thanks alot!

The new, thin, extra-long reins that I now have from you must also be mentioned here! For me thin reins have an even better feeling of lightness. Ordering and delivery was also uncomplicated, super exemplary! Thanks again!