Sabine Ridder-Gesing, Reken

The Epona. A decision for life. At least for mine! I've been looking for the "right" saddle for a long time. The choice wasn't big, it was supposed to be something special. But first and foremost it had to suit both of us. And also suit us. Simple yet attractive. I ride according to the academic art of riding, but I'm still a beginner. I also like going into the bush, letting my soul dangle for a while. The saddle should unite everything. Meet my requirements, look good, fit properly, cover all riding styles and allow "feeling". Lateral movements are important to me, my horse should remain supple into old age. A saddle tree would be in my way. With the Epona I have everything. I am particularly happy about the great advice, the nice people I got to know and that my special wishes have been fulfilled! Extra large, extra wide, extra long and an individual gallery. Perfectly made for us!!