The smart correction pad

The La Selle correction pad was developed as a device for fastly changing the saddle fit. It’s suitable for all La Selle saddles and all saddles with a similar design for sizes 17”-18”.

It is available for the Epona / Masterpiece, L'Art pour L'Art, Dressage and now also for the Felt Saddle Premium.

We offer felt saddles for small horses and large horses on sale.

Because of its’ shock-absorbing material it can be used to compensate uneven wool-panels and is comfortable for horse and rider.

The surface material helps to prevent the saddle from slipping. The bottom side is made from high quality cotton-molton-fabric, which absorbs sweat.

On both sides, a pocket makes it possible to add or remove inlays for correction of the saddle fit. A temporary change of your horses’ muscles can therefore be compensated without changing the saddle itself.

This product is in stock. Custom designs can be made upon request.

You can find the prices in the current price list.